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In.Flux Coat Robes, water proof jackets for water activities

Before November 2019 both of our lives were ruled and restricted by the cold and everything to do with it in a negative way. Stemming from medical conditions and deep personal traumas, we hated the cold and there is not a chance you would have caught us getting into ice cold water!

However, after discovering breath-work and cold water immersion, in a late night Wim Hof YouTube rabbit hole, and with a little bit (a lot) of practice, we leaned into and conquered our fears of the cold and shifted our mindsets.

There’s so many physical and mental benefits to breath-work and cold water immersion (reducing stress and anxiety, resetting the nervous system, boosting immune response, reducing inflammation, increasing circulation and stimulating the lymphatic system... to name a few), with both practices completely changing our lives for the better - as well as millions of others around the world.
With a combined 25 years working in the fashion industry and our new found passion for nature and activity, we wanted to produce aesthetic clothing and products that serve a purpose.

Our goal with In.Flux is to help create a positive community and promote the benefits of breath work, cold water immersion and many more practices that can heal, strengthen and that help us find peace within ourselves. 

Unlock the power of flow state.

Hope to see you in the water!

David & Naima x