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Waterproof Coat Robes

For all your water practices & activities

Recycled Plastic

The outer layer of our cobes is made by using recycled materials, while the inner is made from faux-shearling.

Water Proof

Completely water proof outer layer, using a thin layer of fabric keeping the garment light and wind proof.


They can be used as a changing robe, to keep warm after cold water exposure and also as a water proof coat.

Stay Warm

The faux-shearling liner will keep you warm and toasty after all the cold water dips and activities.

Special Features

Functional pockets

You will find a water proof pocket in the inner left side of your In.Flux cobe that will ensure the safety of all your important items such as phones, keys and wallets.

Water & wind proof

The inner layer made from faux shearling will keep you toasty and warm but the outer layer, made from recycled materials, is water proof and wind proof, keeping you dry on rainy days.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear

— Ram Das

Light & easy, warm & cosy!

"Love my cobe, it’s light and easy to carry, as well as for water sports, swims and dips it’s great for walks in the rain. I also use it for day to day, it’s warm and cosy and I love the light colours!"

— Sophie, @loveng_yoga, Yoga Teacher 450H and Women retreats & Workshops.

Functional & stylish!

"I Love working alongside Influx, they understand community comes first. Not only that they make the most beautiful, functional and stylish garments as well! "

— Leo, @leo_oppenheim, Head of Yoga Blok Mcr and Breath-work & Cold Water wizard.

Purchase of the year!

"My influx cobe is the purchase of the year. I love that it’s eco friendly, stylish and super cosy! It’s been so beneficial after my cold water swims and I’ve used it for hiking and camping too!"

— Louise, SEMH school English teacher and Cold Water enthusiast



Join us for a guided breath-work & water immersion class followed by a warm up and a wholesome breakfast.

Hosted at The Farm Club.
Every Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

Be present & unwind, start your week with more energy, focus and determination!

Class schedule:
Sat: 9:15am
Sun: 9:15am
Mon: 6:15am

For enquiries about private or corporate wellness bookings please contact us here, for classes follow the "book now" link below.